my approach


At the heart of my way of working is a belief that everyone’s choices and experiences are understandable if we give time and attention to exploring them. For me the work of therapy is the work of sense-making. It is also the work of connecting and learning to connect - both with your self and with others.
I see therapy as a way of moving towards greater freedom; a freedom that comes through discovering and creating new relationships to the things that limit us.  I don’t think I can know beforehand what those things will be for you or what the most useful ways to think about them will be. I do, however, tend to think of human suffering as arising in the relationship between a person and their context, rather than something situated in the individual. I've noticed how we can find ourselves, often painfully, both invested in and in conflict with our social, political and material worlds.

Practically speaking, I seek to learn about you and what it's like to live in your particular way. My hope is that from these detailed explorations new ways of understanding and responding to yourself and your situation can emerge.